Thanksgiving Boutique Hair Bow

 “Thanksgiving  Boutique Hair Bow/ Napkin Ring Holder”   :   Supplies / Hints/ Helps/ directions:

Watch the video here  on this site to learn how do you make this HairBow or Thanksgiving  pin /  napkin ring.  Or you can view directly from  YouTube Video  or watch the video above. Additional helps & hints & patterns with supply list with measurements are provided here.

This Thanksgiving Turkey Hair bow can be used for a lot of uses. This HairBow design could be used on napkin rings. Cut an empty paper towel roll or wrapping paper roll into 1.5” sections to be used as Napkin holders. Hot glue a strip of 1.5” ribbon or fabric around the tube and now you have a super cute thanksgiving table accent napkin holder

Use as a Thanksgiving  Jewelry Pin: So cute as a pin for a jacket, hat, pin or purse. Attach a pin back to the back of the bow instead of a hair clip with hot glue or E-6000.  Or even attach it to a magnet for your fridge or memo board.

You will get a lot of comments with this Hair bow or jewelry pin, people will want  to know where you bought it, and will love the fact that you made it.


Turkey backing Head: Stiff felt 2” square for the Turkey Head Felt backing: Download the pattern for the circle backing for the felt backing to build your ribbon turkey feathers from. It is approximately 1.5” wide. If you want a smaller bow and are using thinner ribbon shrink the circle down.

Pin the circle to your stiff felt circle and cut it out. This can work on regular craft felt but the sturdiness of stiff felt is a better choice. You can purchase this stiff felt right next to the regular craft felt.

Ribbon for turkey feathers: You can choose traditional colors for Thanksgiving of red, yellow and orange or why not Pink, purple and lime green….how cute would that be? Polka dot ribbon was used in one version of the bow and plain on the other Boutique Bow.

 5/8” wide ribbon/ 2yds of 3 colors for Turkey feathers/ Cut 2 of each color 6” & 5” long / heat seal ends of ribbon as needed.  Create a loop by bringing one tail of the ribbon up to meet the other and overlapping  one end on top of the other, as shown on video and in the pictures. Hot glue between layers  and then to the felt circle.  Glue at least 1” on to the felt circle to give the feathers some support. Do the same to the 5” long ribbon and hot glue on top of the 6”

Overlap the next ribbon by a third to a half on top of the ribbon feathers that are already glued down. Alternate colors until you have 6 stacked feathers. Your circle should be full with no felt showing. Your Boutique HairBow turkey tail feathers are now done!

Ribbon for Turkey Body:

5/8” wide ribbon/1yd of brown  or brown print or stripe for body of Turkey

Cut 3 body ribbons: 7”, 6”, 5” / one center turkey belly ribbon: 7” / one head & wings ribbon: 9.5”

5” piece first: Use the same method as the tail feathers and create a loop. Now take your 6” piece and create another loop the same but on top of the 5” piece…..layering the body on , leaving a space between layers aprox a 30-50%. You want the layers to show. See pic and video.  Layer your last 7” piece to create your last body piece like the 6” piece.

Create the belly of the turkey by folding the 7” piece in half and hot glue the ends. Place it in the center of the turkey to fit the empty hole where the belly should be. Hot glue behind the looped layers. Trim even with the loops.

Attach to tail ribbon feathers with hot glue.

Ribbon for Turkey Beak:

3/8” wide yellow ribbon for beak/ 4”

Fold the 4 “ ribbon so it is at a 45 degree angle to itself in the middle and hot glue. Bring up the other side to match creating a point and hot glue using a very small amount of hot glue. Trim the ribbon flush with the edge of the ribbon at the point. As shown in video. Heat seal edge.

Head and wings:  Fold the 9.5” piece of ribbon over like you see in a ribbon for breast cancer. Create the size of head you would like. I like to make sure no space shows between the folded ribbon and the back of the bow shows. Crease or push the ribbon flat and seal with hot glue between folds to maintain folds and a flat head.

Gobble ( the red thingy that hangs down from a turkey beak):   Use: Red feathers, red yarn, red felt,  red ribbon. Approx. 1” I prefer the red feathers because of the fuzzy texture look. The pictures show both yarn and feathers used for a gobble. If using yarn, fray the ends a bit to get a more dimensional gobbler.

Hot glue your gobble in between folds of the head ribbon where the beak will go… so it hangs down in the right spot. Now glue on your yellow beak with a very small amount of glue so it won’t leak out and place it at the edge of your ribbon for the beak, see picture or video.

Attach your head on top of your turkey body and tail ribbon feathers with hot glue.  Trim your wings to desired length on an angle and heat seal ends. You have almost finished making your hairbow! Now for the face features

 EYES: small dot of acrylic craft pain of white and black / toothpick or paper clip to apply

You could use pre made googly plastic eyes. I feel these look cheap and really take away from the character of the special designer look.  By painting on the eyes you can create a lot of character in your turkey….no two bows will look exactly alike. You could make your Turkey boutique HairBow   with some crazy crooked eyes, scared eyes, large surprised eyes all with how large you paint them and where you place your black centers and white highlights. Practice on paper to get the look you like.

Use an applicator of a pointed wood toothpick which I prefer. I couldn’t find one so I made do with a large paperclip that I opened up and used the end.   Practice on paper first to make your oval white eyes. When ready load up your toothpick and place it where you want your eyes. Start in the middle and then draw the paint out by dragging your applicator around in a circle growing it larger with each circle. Watch video to see this technique if you are in doubt.  Repeat on the other side. WAIT for it to dry….or speed up the process with a hair dryer. ( I am too impatient and things take too long to dry in the NorthWest)

Now for the center blacks of the eyes for your hair bow. This is a one touch to apply. Practice with your applicator first on paper. Load up your paint and on the end touch once to where you want the black circles to go. Usually in the lower inner area will produce the best look. But experiment for different expressions on your turkey . LET it DRY.

Now for a final touch to the eyes. This gives the eyes sparkly. Touch a thin straight pin to the white paint and dot the black circle at the top somewhere. It is a very teeny dot but it really finishes the eyes and make this Hair bow look professional ! Look what you have made a very cute Thanksgiving Boutique HairBow

Attach Hair Clip / Headband or Napkin Ring:

Hair Clip or Headband: You need a way to wear your Thanksgiving Turkey Boutique Hairbow. This bow looks so cute above a pony tail. The tail ribbon feathers fan out above a pony tail and makes this hair bow really stand out. The best and easiest method for attaching this hairbow above a pony tail is with an alligator clip.

Do this by attaching a small felt heart or circle that is hot glued on both sides, leaving space in the middle so you can slide an alligator clip through the center. Refer to the video for picture.

If you want to attach it to a head band for a baby or toddler, then view ideas, sizes and for types of headbands go to: ” Lovely Lady Hair Bow”  and see the directions there on using headbands. Take a look at the different designer styles of headbands you could make it on at “Headband Magic: package #4 on the front page HERE: Go to video 4

Napkin Ring:  attach to existing rings or make your own with empty cardboard tube from wrapping paper, paper towels or T.P.rolls

Ribbon: 1.5” wide/ approx. 6” long

Measure and cut your cardboard tubes into pieces that are just shy of the width of your ribbon. You want your ribbon to hang over just slightly so the edges of your tube will not show.

Cut your ribbon to fit the tubes exactly and seal your ribbon edges. You only need to hot glue the end edges on and it will stay on, make sure your ribbon is pulled tight when wrapping. With a little hot glue seal your Turkey on to your tubes over the sealed edges. Your turkey will cover the seam .


If you want a flat turkey vs. the ribbon turkey body you will want to download the pattern here:

Pin to felt or wool and cut out. Cut into the edges to create a ruffled feather look if you desire. Place the felt over stiff felt to back it and create a more sturdy turkey . Use the pattern to cut out the turkey pattern on stiff felt. I like to trim the backing  down by ¼” so the fray edges will stand out and the backing will not show.  Hot glue the frayed felt wool pieces to your backing.  Attach the head on top of the body with hot glue.

Create your beak, eyes, gobbler the same as above.

Attach to a hair clips or headband or napkin ring as talked about above.  Enjoy making this fun Thanksgiving craft. For the perfect  Thanksgiving or Fall decoration to a fun designer pin/ hair pin or Hair bow.

Have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!   And  THANKS  for visiting !   Here is another Fall Hair bow you may enjoy making: ” Pleasing Pumpkin”

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  1. Tammy
    5 years ago

    I absolutely love this! Totally agree that the painted eyes look better. Thank you!

  2. Vicky
    5 years ago

    I’m glad you liked it…I’m working on christmas hairbows…they are going to be so cute/ check back to see them

  3. Jennifer Blackwood
    5 years ago

    Can’t wait to give this a try! I am a beginner and not too crafty, so I will let all know how it goes.